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    The Prepared Food Pivot

    Prepared food has been a juggernaut for supermarket delis in recent years. In 2019, prepared meals were a top selling category, generating close to $15 billion, according to New York-based Statistica. During the 52 weeks ending Aug. 9, 2020, chicken had a 41.4% category share [...]
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    How Green Grows the Deli

    An increasing number of deli consumers young and old are looking to heal the earth as they heal their bodies in our troubling times. The most obvious sign that times are changing is the popularity of menu items that are both nutritious and easy on [...]
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    Taking it Online

    Fancy one of the signature deli subs from Publix Super Markets? Maybe it’s a chunky tuna or chicken salad or made with Boar’s Head ham. Either way, there’s no need to take a number and wait in line at the service counter or to even [...]
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    Grab-and-Go is Here to Stay

    Consumers are moving faster in their daily lives than ever before and need to have products that can provide quick meals as well as sides. These are the same consumers who are looking for better-for-you options when at the grocery store, but they do not [...]
  • FI-16th-annual-peoples-awards

    16th Annual People’s Awards

    Q. How has your career evolved over the years? A.  I started out in the restaurant/catering business and had an opportunity to work on the wholesale side of the business as a deli/bakery retail counselor. My main responsibilities were developing in-store prepared food and bakery [...]

Ramping Up Food Safety

The U.S. has one of the safest food supplies in the world. Yet, news of foodborne illness outbreaks is still all too common. Now, we can add these concerns to those of the COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

Flatbread Remains a Deli Staple

As more consumers seek to limit their carb intake and eat healthier, flatbread, such as pita, focaccia, naan and tortillas, has become a mainstay in many diets. An estimated 1.5 billion people world-wide consume traditional [...]
Cheese Corner

American Cheddar: A True Classic

Cheddar, the world’s most widely enjoyed cheese, originates from the tiny village of Cheddar in Somerset, in southwest England. Cheddar’s history dates back to the 12th Century. According to legend, a milkmaid forgot a pail […]

Cheese Corner

All-American Meets Italian

From pizza to pasta to tiramisu, Americans have a deep appreciation of Italy’s cuisine. After all, what’s not to love? That love, of course, includes cheese. Italy is home to more than 400 different varieties, […]

Cheese Corner

Unsung Alpine Delicacies

Cheese lovers around the world extol French Comté, Swiss Gruyère and Italian Fontina Val D’Aosta, yet just across the border in Austria, the cheesemaking tradition remains relatively unknown. High-quality cheese has been made in Austria […]

Revving Up for Soup Success

Prepared Foods
With comfort food at the forefront since the pandemic hit in early spring, soup would typically benefit. What has taken a hit in supermarket delis are the self-serve bars, of which this item is a [...]

Mixing it Up with Salads

As U.S. consumers’ palates have become more adventuresome, so have today’s deli department salad offerings. Alongside the traditional potato, mac and slaw—potato salad, mac- aroni salad and coleslaw—are offerings incorporating ingredients like grains, dried fruit, [...]

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    From the Editor
    There has been some very good news about COVID-19. As vaccines have started to roll out around the world, the big question has been whether vaccines will show the same efficacy in real life use [...]

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