Deli Meats

A Check Up on Chicken

Volatility in the food market generated by the pandemic continues to be evident in essentially all segments from farm to fork. One of the most evident places where the negative impact is being felt is in […]

Merchandising Review

Profiting from Pickles

When it comes to today’s trends, pickles check all the boxes. This food is a healthy, flavorful and fermented vegetable that is a hand-held, convenient and portable snack. In supermarket delis, pickles are sold individually […]

Cover Story

The Prepared Food Pivot

Prepared food has been a juggernaut for supermarket delis in recent years. In 2019, prepared meals were a top selling category, generating close to $15 billion, according to New York-based Statistica. During the 52 weeks […]

Merchandising Review

Tips to Move Snacks

Delis are the perfect place for snacks. This department offers both refrigerated and shelf stable merchandising options. It is a place consumers look to for new and innovative products. Also, the department has endless cross […]

Prepared Foods

Revving Up for Soup Success

With comfort food at the forefront since the pandemic hit in early spring, soup would typically benefit. What has taken a hit in supermarket delis are the self-serve bars, of which this item is a […]

Cheese Corner

Selling Wisconsin Cheddar

From mild to sharp, cheddar is a favorite of many Americans, despite its birthplace being England. And Wisconsin is a state well known for this cheese type, as it offers not only traditional cheddar, but […]


An Update on Nutrition Labeling

Nutrition labeling can make a difference. According to a December 2018 American Journal of Preventative Medicine report, from reviewing 60 intervention studies, food labeling reduces consumer dietary intake of selected nutrients and influences industry practices […]

Merchandising Review

Bread Ups Delis’ Ante

Today’s delis may be missing out on a key category that can bring a lot to the mix—bread. Although not without its challenges, it is a natural fit for sandwich fixings, as a meal component […]


Mixing it Up with Salads

As U.S. consumers’ palates have become more adventuresome, so have today’s deli department salad offerings. Alongside the traditional potato, mac and slaw—potato salad, mac- aroni salad and coleslaw—are offerings incorporating ingredients like grains, dried fruit, […]


Hallmarks of Effective Food Safety

The numbers are staggering. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 600 million— almost one in 10 people in the world—fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420,000 die every year, resulting in the […]