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As the No. 1 award-winning business magazine for industry professionals, Deli Business is the only national publication devoted exclusively to buyers and suppliers of products for high-volume retail delis. You can depend on us to provide the latest information about all segments of the deli arena—including specialty meats and cheeses, prepared foods, and foodservice programs. Our useful, accurate and insightful articles provide actionable ideas and solutions to help delis increase their bottom line.

Our Editorial Coverage

Deli Business covers all categories associated with the retail deli—bulk and pre-packaged products, grab-and-go items, prepared foods, specialty meats and cheeses, complementary accoutrements, foodservice programs and packaging. Our readership is actively involved in the buying and supplying end of the business, and our circulation includes high-volume supermarkets, specialized retail chains, club stores, mass merchandisers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, exporters and importers.

Deli Business reports on consumer trends, provides original research and analysis of industry data, and tackles the market challenges facing today’s retail delis. Editorial coverage addresses marketing, merchandising, management and procurement strategies, giving deli operators the power to maximize profit opportunities. Each issue also includes exclusive commentaries about the issues at hand—environmental, financial and governmental—as they affect the deli trade. In addition, special supplements throughout the year highlight key industry events and deli segments.

Who We Are

Located in Boca Raton, FL, Deli Business is published bimonthly by Phoenix Media Network Inc., founded by president Jim Prevor. Phoenix Media Network also publishes Cheese Connoisseur (www.cheeseconnoisseur.com) Produce Business (www.producebusiness.com), American Food and Ag Exporter (www.americanfoodandag.com), and the highly acclaimed Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit (www.perishablepundit.com). Kenneth L. Whitacre is publishing director of Phoenix Media Network.

As president and editor in chief of Deli Business, Prevor writes an insightful commentary in every issue of Deli Business in addition to thought-provoking feature articles about such topics as the economy, sustainability, food safety and more.

The driving force behind every issue of Deli Business, publisher/editorial director Lee Smith grew up in the industry. Her years of retail deli experience and industry consulting have shaped Deli Business&rsqo; winning content since the magazine’s inception in 1995.

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